Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Alaska State Fair

My family and I went to the Alaska State Fair.  I went on the Raider.  The Raider is my favorite ride.  It has a climbing net, a bouncy bridge, and two slides.  I also went through the Pirates' Cove maze.  I used my own money to pay for the rides.

At the Fair, I like to go into the barn to see my favorite animals.  I like the brown and white cows the best.  I like big pigs because they lay around.  Daddy paid $5 for me to enter the goat obstacle course because it looked interesting to me, and it was!  I led a goat over bales of hay, over a teeter-totter, across a bridge, over some spools and a tarp, and through some branches. They timed everyone to see who could do it the fastest.  I did well, but I wasn't the fastest.

The fair has special thing that I like to do. I ate a big turkey leg.  I also went through the flower maze.  I also went to the Lumberjack Show.  It was fun to watch.  I also went to see my 4H display about goats.  It was fun doing special things at the Fair.     



T said...

It looks like a whole lot of fun Andrew!! Maybe sometime when I'm not on the slope I will come with you. I've never been to the Alaska State Fair.

Gram M said...

Andrew! You wrote a lot and so well! You must have had a wonderful time. Miss you!