Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Camp

This summer, I went to Solid Rock Bible Camp with my friend Lane.  I was gone for three days and three nights. I slept in a covered wagon with Lane, six other boys, two counselors.   I went horseback riding on big, brown horses.  I also went swimming in the cold lake.  After dinner, we had Bible study.  I would like to go to camp again because it was fun!

(Note from Andrew's mom:  All of these pictures were taken by Andrew with the disposable camera he took to camp.  The parental version of his camping experience is here).
Counselor Cobin
The whole group of boys.
The wagon trains circled around the campfire ring.
Counselor John

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Me and My Friends

The best part of this summer was playing with Josh and Caleb.  I liked to do bike races with them.  We also started building a really big fort together.  We went hiking a lot, too.  It was fun playing with my friends.