Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drumming Lessons

Two weeks ago, I went to Cooper Landing School for drumming. In drumming, I learned how to make different sounds on the drum. If you hit the drum in the middle it makes a bass note. To make an open note, you have to hit it on the edge of the drum. Mr. D taught me how to play the "Soda Pop Song," "As I Was Sitting In My Chair," and "Are You Sleeping?" My favorite part was playing "Are You Sleeping?" because I like how it sounds with the two parts. It was fun drumming!

(Ed.note: Pardon the red stage lighting and the crinkling of Jacob's bag of popcorn in the background)!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sally's Goat Kids

Our goat Sally had 2 goat kids 2 weeks ago. She had a buckling and a doeling. The boy and the girl look alike. They both have white on their heads and a black stripe down their backs. They are both very brown. Its funny when they jump around. We really like the goat kids.

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