Thursday, September 2, 2010

Me and My Friends

The best part of this summer was playing with Josh and Caleb.  I liked to do bike races with them.  We also started building a really big fort together.  We went hiking a lot, too.  It was fun playing with my friends.


Anonymous said...

Good job Andrew!! The Snyders

T said...

always remember the fun times. good friends will last a lifetime. so i'm glad you had a summer full of both!
love you!
aunt T

velvet said...

building a big fort sounds really cool! glad you are having fun :)

Gram M said...

What a fun summer you had! What good friends Jacob, Caleb and Josh are! Where is your fort?

Megan Sneary said...

I like seeing all the photos you put up! I have never been to Alaska but you make it sound like a great place to grow up.
I look forward to reading your future posts. Maybe someday you can come visit Arizona and see the desert!
Megan, a friend of your mom's from high school.